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Illuminate the underwater world at depths as great as 328 with the glossy blue VL4000P Video LED Dive Light from Bigblue. Six XML white LEDs output 400-4000 lumens in four selectable levels. An expansive 120° beam makes the light a great choice when capturing wide-angle shots for your movies. The white beam has a daylight-balanced color temperature of 6500K, allowing it to restore hues that are absorbed by water. Additionally, the light offers four XPE red LEDs that lower the color temperature, creating a warming effect that will help ensure sea creatures arent scared off.

The VL4000P runs on an included, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which provides an operating time of 1.5-15 hours, depending on the output level. Built for extreme durability as well as high performance, the light is made from an anodized aluminum alloy and tempered optical glass.

Light Performance
  • Light source: 6 XML white LEDs and 4 XPE red LEDs
  • White outputs: 400, 1000, 2000, and 4000 lumens
  • Red output: 200 lumens
  • Run time: 1.5 h at 4000 lumens, 3 h at 2000 lumens, 6 h at 1000 lumens, and 15 h at 400 lumens
  • Expansive 120° beam can illuminate humpback whales, schools of fish, shipwrecks, caves, and other large subjects
  • Such broad coverage makes the light a great tool for wide-angle video recording and general diving
  • With a daylight-balanced color temperature of 6500K, the white light enhances your captured videos by restoring hues that are absorbed beneath the surface
  • Red LEDs lower the color temperature, creating a warming effect for observing and recording sea creatures without scaring them away
  • A second benefit of the red light is that it improves your visibility on night dives
  • Yellow warming filter also reduces the color temperature, serving as an alternative to the red light
Switching System
  • Push-button switch for turning the power on/off and selecting output levels
  • Battery level indicator shows remaining power
Construction Details
  • Depth rating: 328
  • Double O-ring seal
  • Body and light head are made from a durable aluminum alloy, which has been anodized for excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Emitter window is crafted from tempered optical glass, which has notable strength and clarity
Included Accessories
  • Standard 1" ball mount allows you to connect the VL4000P to optional lighting arms
  • Lanyard prevents light loss by enabling attachment to your wrist or equipment

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