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Dive Maldives: A Guide to the Maldives Archipelago is a detailed guide to diving the atolls of the Maldives with information on over 350 dive sites. The book is based on the author’s personal research over 25 years.

The atoll maps show more than 200 resorts. This edition adds new resort names and updates island information. A comprehensive overview of island history, Indian Ocean maritime history and famous shipwrecks of the Maldives the book includes a useful diver information section as well as an index of fish, invertebrates and dive sites.

  • Revised 2023 edition featuring new resort names and updated island information;
  • Detailed and comprehensive;
  • Useful information for divers.

First published in 1996 and reprinted with updated information in 1998 as the 2nd edition. Translated into English, French, Italian and German. Reprinted with additional information in 2006 and again in 2018 as the 3rd Edition.


Coral Reefs of the Maldives – Climate, Currents, Diving Safety, Tides, Protected Marine Areas, Indian Ocean Maritime History, Famous Shipwrecks of the Maldives; North Malé Atoll Islands (Kaafu); South Malé Atoll Islands (Kaafu); North Ari Atoll Islands (Alifu Alifu); South Ari Atoll Islands (Alifu Dhaalu); Felidhe Atoll Islands (Vaavu); Faadjippolhu Atoll Islands (Lhaviyani); Addu Atoll Islands (Seenu); South Maalhosmadulu & Goidhoo Atoll Islands (Baa); North Nilandhe Atoll Islands (Faafu); South Nilandhe Atoll Islands (Dhaalu); Mulaku Atoll Islands (Meemu); North Maalhossmadulu Atoll Islands (Raa); Atoll Maps; Diver Information; Index of Fish; Index of Dive Sites; Further Reading; Dhivehi (Maldivian) Words & Phrases.

Reviews of previous editions of Dive Maldives

‘Very interesting & informative book on atolls, dive sites & general information on the Maldives. Best I have seen for a long time’— Amazon customer.

‘A great description of many of the dive sites in the Maldives. I hope to live long enough to dive all of them!’— Goodreads.


Timothy J. Godfrey has been researching the atolls of the Maldives since 1986 when he started work as a dive instructor and guide on safari boats. Prior to this, he worked as a journalist in Northwest Australia in 1983 and later travelled and worked on charter vessels and fishing boats in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland and Victoria’s Southwest coast. Tim started Atoll Editions in 1996 and published Dive Maldives – A Guide to the Maldives Archipelago; Malways – Maldives Island Directory (later editions published as Atlas of the Maldives) and Maldives Divers and Travellers Map. In 2014 he co-authored Fishes of the Maldives with Rudie Kuiter. In 2007, he returned to marine studies and completed a Bachelor Science (Marine Biology) degree at James Cook University, Qld in 2013.


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