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Resort Map of the Maldives
Resort Map of the Maldives

Resort Map of the Maldives


The warm, tropical climate of the Maldives and the natural beauty of the islands and reefs attract holidaymakers from around the world to 200 resorts.

Resort Map of the Maldives is a detailed fold-out map of the 868 km (539 miles) long archipelago showing the atolls, location of the resorts, as well as the other features, such as protected marine areas, airports and guest house islands. The reverse side features 12 sharks and rays, and 83 common fish species from the book Fishes of the Maldives: Indian Ocean.

It is a perfect souvenir of your Maldives resort experience, and a useful reference to this unique nation of islands.

Folded Map 155 x 227 mm, folded out to flat 310 x 1364 mm.

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